Business Accelerator Programs

People have a tendency to confuse business accelerator programs with business incubators. If you do not think that is true, then you probably don’t know that people also use those two terms interchangeably.

In other words, you have probably met people who were talking about incubators when, in fact, they were referring to business
accelerator programs.

There is a stark difference between those two concepts; if you analyze them closely, you will realize that a number of elements actually separate them. Now, it is somewhat understandable that people actually confuse these two concepts because they overlap in some areas.


If you have never heard of the term, a business accelerator provides support to growth driven companies by availing education, financing, and mentorship. They are purposed towards providing rapid and intense educational courses that help accelerate the life cycle of young and innovative companies.

In understanding what business accelerator programs do, it is easy to see why they are sometimes confused with incubators. Both accelerators and incubators provide guidance and mentorship that businesses can use to grow.

The differences emerge in the stages of a business at which each one of these concepts can be applied. The purpose of an incubator is primarily to make available space within which a business feels safe enough to learn to grow and operate optimally.

Incubators help businesses gain access to financing and professional networks. They also avail business skills training. For the most part, incubators are part of a business’ lifecycle from the startup phase, and they exist to provide a business every single tool it might need to actually stand on its feet and progress ostensibly.

However, it isn’t enough for a business to stand on its feet. Just because an incubator helped a business to begin operating, doesn’t mean that business will keep operating or succeed in the long run.

Unfortunately, incubators are of little use to a business once it can stand on its own feet. And this is where business accelerator programs come into play. While incubators help businesses reach that point where they can actually operate, accelerators help businesses move forward.


They provide the tools that a company needs to prepare for the future; in fact, accelerators can help a business map out its future. Incubation programs last as long as it takes to give a business the support and mentorship it needs to start running,
and that can sometimes take many years.

Once a business is standing, an accelerator program rarely requires more than six months to achieve its goals; and the goal of the average accelerator is to initiate rapid growth in a business.

Businesses grow by expanding their markets, and it is common for new businesses to freeze in their tracks, meeting their daily operational objectives but finding it impossible to leave their rut and actually move forward.

Business accelerator programs come into play here, helping companies take that next step forward. Both of these concepts work side by side. A business often requires both an incubator and an accelerator to achieve any notable success in the long run. However, it would be foolish to use these two terms interchangeably because they are not the same.

Common Food Allergy Misconceptions To Watch Out For


Most health and lifestyle stories can be sometimes misleading with hype and lots of unnecessary content pitching. Well, there is no doubt that observing best practices when it comes to food and nutritious is key to leaving a healthy lifestyle. However, modern advertising trends have made it very difficult to know which wants are good for health and which ones are not. Everyone wants you to subscribe to their own ways of thinking so that they can benefit from your purchases.

You may have perhaps heard about the numerous myths and misconceptions on food allergies. This reactions can sometime be turned into something frenzy and dangerous to other people’s health. Here, you will get to understand some of the common food allergy misconceptions that have been widely on the internet.

Allergic Foods Must be eaten affect kids&lt

It is common to hear people say a kid must have eaten the food for it to cause allergic reactions. Well, there are numerous cases where individuals and not just kids, get affected by ere touching, smelling, and even just seeing it. It is thus very important to understand what causes a certain allergy first before concluding. It after expert evaluation by a doctor that one can know what causes small spots or pimples to develop all over the body.

Peanuts cause food allergies

Health officers claim that most food products that contain peanuts have allergic reactions. This is because most people studied for allergies proved to be affected with peanuts. However, this should not mean that all people can experience peanut allergies. It is thus upon you to try and see if your kid is affected by peanuts or not. This is because here are millions of people worldwide who have no problem with their consumption. There are also numerous food allergic cases that don’t necessarily involve peanuts. You should take your kid to a doctor for analysis and advice on what would be the cause of your kid’s allergy.


Food allergies are always mild

Well, anyone who believes food allergies are only mild is really wrong. Though its true that most people experience mild reactions on exposed to certain foods, however. The myths further goes on to claim that this mostly happens one and the person will never experience food allergy again. As much as this can be true to some extent, it is not a common rule. There are persons who experience mild reactions such as minor rashes at first. When exposed to the same food again, the reactions can be very serious and itchy. It is thus unpredictable. The thing is, one should avoid foods that have caused allergic reactions before. You don’t want to keep trying each time just because you friends eat the foods.

Only Kids experience food allergies

Finally, there is this belief that only kid show food allergy symptoms. This is not true. Though kids tend to be the most affected with allergic reactions to certain foods due to their weaker developing immunity, grown are affected too. Some adults even show serious symptoms than kids. Most of the myths and food allergy misconceptions have some little truth in them, but should be clearly vetted to avoid misleading people.

Top Dentists In Orange County CA


With so many Orange County dentists, it can be difficult to decide which among them the best is. Dental services need to be provided by dentists who are highly experienced in the job and those whose main priority is in ensuring that your oral health is maintained at all time. There are a good number of local OC dentists you can rely on to offer you the best dental services. Below are some of the top dentists you ought to call the next time you need a dental check-up, implant or any other dental service.

Karen Kopinza is one of the OC dentists you can rely on to offer you the best dental services. She works at This doctor has a team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your oral health is well maintained and they also ensure you have a perfect smile always. They do this by ensuring that all patients are informed of the different ways they can maintain their oral health and giving them the best services. She has a lot of years of experience in the business that has enables her to deal with different types of technology and dental situations. Apart from this, she has served the local people for a number of years and by doing so she has helped a good number of people with their dental problems. This is a trusted dentist that has very positive reviews from patients she has treated before. There are a number of services you can expect to receive from this dentist. These include: teeth whitening, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry among many others.

The other Orange County dentist that is totally reliable for giving high quality services is Douglas J. Hauck. This is one of the dentists in Irvine who has received some of the best reviews. He is known for being able to fix any dental problem with ease. Many patients attest to the fact that this dentist is the only one that has been able to fix some of their dental problems they through were impossible to get over after visiting other not so qualified dentists in Irvine. Dr. Hauck is highly experienced and has for a long time offered services to the people in Irvine. His team is also very friendly and professional and is committed to ensuring you get the best quality of service.

Serene Dental Centre is another place you can find great Orange County dentists. The dentist you will find at Serene Dental Centre is highly trained and experienced at the job. They have been serving the local people for a number of years now. They have numerous positive reviews on the quality of service they offer. There haven’t been any complaints whatsoever about the quality of service that is offered by the dentists at Serene Dental Centre. It is a place where you get the quality of service you actually pay for and even more. They provide a wide range of services for dental patients in order to ensure each and every one of them has a beautiful smile.

Dentistry Bliss is another great place to have your dental appointments. Dr. Dinh is a very reputable doctor that has received numerous positive reviews. People who have received his services say that he is the best in the business. The reason why you need to go for this dentist the next time you are looking for an Irvine dentist is the fact that he has a lot of experience in dealing with different dental technologies and dental problems as well. He is also a good option because he is highly trained and has the skills to deal with any dental problem you might have effectively. Some of the services you can expect to receive from this dentist include: cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, general dentistry among other services.

Sand Canyon Dental is another amazing place to get your dental services. Apart from the high quality dental services you receive from this place, the team of staff there is very friendly. They make it their priority to ensure you are served in time and you have all the information you need before you go in for a procedure. They make waiting to seem not so bad. Dr Najaran who is the dentist at Sand Canyon Dental is highly qualified and experienced at her job. She has severed the local people of Irvine for a very long time and each time, she manages to give quality services. People love her services because they always leave feeling satisfied with the quality of service they receive from her.

Jeffrey Robertson is also one of the top dentists in OC that you should consider getting dental services from. He is a highly qualified dentist who also has a team of staff that ensure all your questions about the different services and procedures are answered. Many patients have had the chance to receive different dental services from this dentist and none of them has made any complaints. He only offers the best services to all his patients without discrimination and that is the main reason why he is rated very highly by his patients. He is among the top 10 Irvine dentists. This is mainly because of the perfection he puts into his work. He has served the people of Irvine for a long time now. It is therefore a good idea to go with this dentist if you are looking for high quality dental services.

art dental

In conclusion, all these Irvine dentists are highly experienced and qualified to provide dental services. They are also certified dentists. Some of the services you should expect to receive from them include: cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, general dentistry, root canals, extractions, teeth whitening, bridges, crowns, fillings and many more services. Their experience with offering these services to Orange County residents make them very trustworthy and reliable. Therefore, the next time you are looking for a dentist; do not worry about where to find the best dentist. Choosing any of these dentists is a great idea. With them, you are assured of getting only high quality services. They have dealt with issues that other dentist find very tough and they are very affordable. Give them a call and change your smile for the better.

Chronic Rhinitis – A Learning Foundation

rhinitisRhinitis refers to the inflammation of the nose. This inflammation is accompanied by a number of very uncomfortable symptoms. For some people, the rhinitis may occur more often than for others. When rhinitis occurs more frequently and for long periods at a time, it is referred to as chronic rhinitis. There are two major types of rhinitis, namely allergic and non- allergic rhinitis. The good thing is that something can be done to alleviate the discomfort that rhinitis brings. This includes keeping away from the causes of your rhinitis and using medication.

Symptoms of rhinitis

The most conspicuous symptoms of rhinitis include a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching in the nose. Also, post nasal dripping might be a warning sign of rhinitis. Post-nasal drip occurs when mucus accumulates in the back of the nose, and the starts dropping downwards. This then causes sore throats, coughs and constant clearing of the throat. Rhinitis can cause the victim untold discomfort and pain, particularly when it is persistent.

Types of Rhinitis

Basically, there are two types of rhinitis, although a third type can exist under special conditions. Rhinitis is generally grouped according to its causative agent. Thus, there is allergic and non- allergic rhinitis. Where rhinitis results from both allergic reactions and non- allergic substances, it is referred to as mixed rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis occurs when the nose comes into contact with an allergen. Allergens vary widely from one person to another. There are people who are allergic to cold, others to certain chemicals, others to pets and some even have an allergic reaction when they come into contact with pollen. However, the most rampant allergen for most people who suffer from allergic rhinitis is dust, more so the house dust mite.

The house dust mite is a minute creature that is present in virtually every house. These creatures are very hard to completely get rid of, but they are normally not a bother to most people. The case is different for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis, because the moment they come into contact with these microscopic creatures, the nasal discomfort begins.

Non allergic rhinitis can be caused by virtually anything, from chemicals, to spicy foods, to alcoholic drinks, to medicines and even abnormal hormonal reactions.

Who Is At Risk Of Getting Chronic Rhinitis?

Anyone can get persistent rhinitis, but research shows that rhinitis is more common among adults and especially old people than in children. Research further goes on to show that people who suffer from persistent colds are also highly likely to suffer from persistent rhinitis. Moreover, those who suffer from asthma and eczema are also likely to suffer from rhinitis, and the reverse is true; those who suffer from rhinitis are also likely to develop asthma and eczema.

What Is The Treatment?

Once the doctor has diagnosed rhinitis, there are several things you can do to prevent frequent attacks. For instance, if rhinitis is triggered by an allergen, you will have to avoid the allergen by all means. Additionally, there are medicines that can be administered to help you cope better with the rhinitis attacks. Most of these medicines will be nasal sprays that can help relieve the nasal congestion or watering. In extreme cases, doctors can turn to surgery as a last resort to help the patient.

Rhinitis can be very uncomfortable and even disruptive to everyday life especially when it is chronic. If you suspect that you might be suffering from it, it is best that you go for a checkup so that the condition can be addressed early enough.

The Importance of Maintaining a Good Macronutrient Balance

“Macro” just means big, so macronutrients are the big nutrients, better known as protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Whatever we put in our mouth, except water and zero calorie foods, contain these nutrients, though in varying quantities. All of these macronutrients are vital for the functioning of our bodies and are needed in appropriate amounts on a daily basis hence the need to maintain a good macronutrient balance in all we take. Drastically reducing or skipping any of them is not recommended and is bound to lead to unhealthy conditions sooner or later.
1. Carbohydrates include sugar, starch and fiber and are the energy providing nutrients, needed to carry out daily activities of walking, sitting, eating, working and playing. The starches or complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes or pulses, low sugar fruits, and vegetables) are longer chains of glucose molecules and hence take slightly longer duration to get broken down than the simple carbohydrates( maida, potatoes, white sugar). Since the digestive enzymes work harder to break the chains into glucose molecules (in case of complex carbohydrates), this slow digestion and subsequent absorption provides us with a steady supply of energy, controls quick blood sugar fluctuations and also limits the amount of sugar that is converted into fats and stored as adipose tissue. This is precisely the reason why intake of complex carbohydrates is a preferred choice over simple ones, especially for diabetics and weight watchers.

2. Proteins are large organic compounds (macromolecules) made up of amino acids which are joined together by peptide bonds. Proteins are vital for building our body tissues including all of the muscles, organs, skin and the parts of the immune system. Proteins are an integral part of most of our enzymes, hormones, and even genes. The stored protein (especially those as muscles) may be used as a fuel, particularly in starvation condition to support life. Foods that gives us proteins include pulses(dals), nuts, soybean and animal protein include eggs, fish, chicken, milk and dairy products.

3. Fats are chemically composed of fatty acids and glycerides and may be solid or liquid at room temperatures, depending on their structure and composition. Fats play a significant role in maintaining healthy skin and hair, insulating body organs against shock, maintaining body temperature, and promoting healthy cell functions, including those needed for normal brain and nerve functions. Fats act as a source of fatty acids in the body and are required to digest, absorb and transport vitamins (A, D, E and K) across body tissues. They also serve as energy stores and just like proteins, the extra fat (stored as adipose tissue) can be used as fuel for the body. Dietary sources of fats can be classified as saturated fats (those in egg yolk, red meats, cheese and butter) and unsaturated fats (vegetable oils, edible oils, nuts, seeds, etc.).

So whatever you eat, just don’t eat carbohydrate, fat or protein. You eat a piece of apple or a bowl of soup or a plate of salads. Most of the foods you eat are made up of varying amounts of all of these nutrition components and there is the need to maintain a macronutrient balance in all you take as food.

Good nutrition means getting the right macronutrient balance plus the required vitamins and minerals. Great nutrition means a lot of the phyto chemicals and antioxidants, too. The key is to eat everything in moderation and not label foods as good’ or bad foods.

The problems occur after you eat too many of one, or if the ingredients in the food are devoid of any nutrient (empty calories as in carbonated beverages).

Good Nutrition leads to Good Health

A well-balanced diet will give our body the right amount of energy, enough raw materials, and nutrients needed to stay healthy. A good macro nutrient balance will also provide you phytochemicals and antioxidants which help keep us feeling young, looking great, and perhaps even disease-free. A lopsided mono diet, on the other hand, will give you too many or too few calories, not enough vitamins and minerals, and will make you need more of the antioxidants that you aren’t getting. Now that you have known the important of maintaining a good macro nutrient balance in whatever you eat and why your body needs food, the next step is to learn more about a healthy pyramid to maintain a lifetime of good health.

Top Weight Loss Trends For 2016

There are many people out there looking for ways to cut down their weight and have that perfect body shapes. With modern technology, losing weight is no longer a major problem as it has been in the past years. The year 2016 has brought with it some of the latest and most effective ways to lose weight without straining your body. It is now possible to gain that leaner shape within the shortest time possible. Here are top weight loss trends for 2016 to help you lose weight fast without the need for strenuous exercises performed at gyms.

weight loss

Hypnosis for weight loss

Obesity is getting prevailed very quickly all over the world. The people are used to following the patterns of binge eating, greasy and oily foodstuffs to soothe themselves. This habit is very difficult to do away with. However, hypnosis method is considered to be the resolving solution for the overweight or obese people. Many have claimed it as the best supplement for weight loss, and it is worldly oriented method these days.

Surgery for weight loss

If you are obese at a large extent, this method has to be adopted as soon as possible, although there is a severe risk to the life of the person due to overweight conditions or obesity. These surgeries for weight loss are Stomach Staling Surgery (SSS), Bariatric Surgery (BS), and Liposuction Surgery (LS). Each surgical treatment has its own importance and risk factors. However, this must be done for gaining the maximum benefits from the surgery.

Venus Freeze

This is a perfect and pain-free treatment for cellulite and loose skin. It works using magnetic pulses and radio frequency for stimulation of the new collagen and the elastic fibers over a certain period of time. This technique uses of multi polar radio frequency that results in thermal reaction in the body tissues. This makes your skin tight and reduces cellulite and wrinkles. New elastic fibers and collagen are formed in the process. The collagen fiber developed then contract making your skin tight and soft. Some of the major areas it may be applied include buttocks, arms, abdomen, face and thighs.

Pills, Medications and Herbs

A number of people in the world are used to adopting the traditional methods for weight loss. While others are used to following the methods of pills and medications in order to lose their weight. In this way, pills like the Hoodia Gordonii have been widely used by most of the obese people all around the world. These pills are absolutely reactive against the stout metabolism, as a result helping you to burn your excessive calories and eventually lose weight.

Zerona Laser

Zerona Laser common known as simply the Zerona is a non-invasive, slimming technique which removes extra body fat by use of cold lasers. It uses laser light to kill the fat body cells. During the process, you don’t feel any pain or any body sensation. The dead fat cells are then released to the interstitial fluid and eliminated by your lymphatic body system. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight especially the targeted weight loss popular among women and the younger children.


This is a non-surgical fat removal aesthetic device that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy. Liposonix works by first targeting those body parts which are affected by high-fat content. The high-intensity ultrasound focuses in the targeted fat leading to the destruction of the cells beneath the skin. Fat tissues are removed automatically by the natural healing. Results of this weight lose techniques starts to be see within a period of two to three months.


Coolsculpting is another non-surgical weight loss procedure that makes use of a controlled device to destroy and freeze the fat in our body systems. The targeted cooling is delivered to those fat cells that are found below the skin. Treated fat cells then undergo the crystallization process, killing them in the long run. Your body then removes those dead cells and you lose weight.


Finally, dieting helps you to burn more and more calories within few days and becoming instantly smart as ever. Therefore, the method of dieting needs to be standardized according to latest trends of the world. There are an ample amount of convenient diets available in the global market right from the Atkins diet towards the “South Beach Diet” and the “Weight Watchers Diet”. However, it’s important for you to adopt the instant and culturally oriented weight loss diet method, as this will soon reduce your weight.

Meningitis Inflammation is Totally Scary


Meningitis (from the biological term meninges) refers to inflammation of membranes that surround the spinal code and brain, otherwise known as meninges. In most cases, this inflammation leads to swelling which causes headaches, stiff neck and fever. Most forms of meningitis are caused by viral infection although fungal and bacterial infections have also been shown to lead to the problem. Some cases of meningitis will improve without medication within a few weeks while others can be life threatening and need immediate medical attention. Early treatment is often recommended to prevent complications especially for bacterial infections.

Symptoms and causes

Most early symptoms of meningitis may be difficult to distinguish from influenza (flu) and they can develop over a few days or several hours. In children above the age of 2, meningitis can cause sudden heightened fever, severe headaches worse than normal, stiff neck, nausea and vomiting, light sensitivity, lost appetite and thirst, skin rashes, sleepiness and seizures. In newborns, the signs include constant crying, irritability, excessive sleepiness, high fever, poor feeding, stiffness in the neck and body, a bulge in the fontanel (soft spot in the top of your baby’s head) and inactivity. It is quite difficult to comfort children with meningitis as they will cry more when held. If you experience any severe fever, unrelenting headache, vomiting, stiff neck and confusion, it is time to see the doctor. Bacterial meningitis are the worst as they can rapidly develop to fatal within a few hours causing death or permanent brain damage if immediate antibiotic is not administered. More importantly, you should inform your doctor if a friend, workmate or family member has the disease to take preventative medication that protects you from the contractible infection. Viral infections are the most common followed by bacterial and rarely fungal. Bacteria such as meningococcus, pneumococcus, haemophilus and listeria have been identified to cause meningitis. The virus or bacteria travel through the blood stream to the brain and attach surrounding membranes.


Meningitis is diagnosed by your doctor by looking for head, ear, throat and skin infections. The infection is more common in children and people below the age of 20. Medical history can be sufficient to diagnose the infection although you or your baby will be subject to the complete test which involves;

• Blood culture – blood samples are placed in a small clear dish and stained to look for growing microorganisms. Microscopes are used to see if the bacteria are growing in the blood samples.

• Imaging – this may involve CT (computerized tomography), MR (magnetic resonance) or x-rays to detail the level of swelling, scan the chest and sinuses, and show the areas that meningitis has affected.

• Lumbar puncture (spinal tap) – this involves puncturing the lumbar region to collect CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) for definitive diagnosis. In those infected, the fluid will have low sugar level, increased protein and white blood cells.


The treatment you get depends on the type of infection. Bacterial infections are treated with a combination of antibiotics and corticosteroids (more recently) to kill the bacteria and prevent brain swelling as well as seizures. The type of antibiotic used depends on the bacteria diagnosed. Viral infections can improve without medication or treated with antibiotics. Complement these with bed rest, over the counter drugs and plenty of fluids. In other unknown meningitis, the doctor may begin antibacterial and antiviral treatment while the cause is determined. It is generally recommendable to contact your doctor immediately you experience the aforementioned symptoms.